Year 3 - French 

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Teacher introduces herself, ask pupils their names and then pupils ask and answer each other. We talk about where we live and compare countries and flags. We sing the numbers   song with actions, games and sums. See quiz here. 

2. A bit of weather

Une petit chanson sur la pluie que nous ne voulons pas avoir. Suivi de vocabulaire sur le temps (sunny, cloudy, rainy)

4. Ma Famille

Today pupils learn four names of family members and words which mean my - mon and ma. We sing our family song, complete exercises,   and play games. You can listen to the lesson here. 

5. Numbers 1-12

We sing last week's family song, then learn numbers 1-12. Pupils play dice games and others to remember the numbers. We also sing a numbers songQuiz anyone?

6. How old are you?

Pupils revise  numbers 0 - 12. We then learn to ask and answer 'quel âge as-tu?' with games and writing. The class then checks they have understood all elements of Unit 1.

7. Le fermier dans son pré

The children sing Le Fermer dans son pré and identify the key words. Next we learn the words and play games to remember the vocabulary, articles le & la and the sound ay. See quiz here.

8. Nombres de 1 à 20

Pupils learn that English is spoken in England and elsewhere, they respond to hello, my name is "What is your name ?" and recognize the English flag and its colors. Les enfants révisent leurs nombres de 1 à 20. Puis des petits jeux avec des boules, raquettes et cordes, afin qu'ils puissent compter.

9. Clapping Games

After a quick revision of numbers to 20, students then learn the sound 'wa' in oie, toi and trois with a game. Next we listen to jeux de mains (alphabet song) and pupils play one of the games with their friends. See quiz here.

10. Making a game

Pupils revise classroom commands and the French alphabet while playing des jeux de mains. Students play Jacques a dit and Jenga with the teacher and then play with each other. See other games here.

11.Numbers to 20

Today pupils revise ez with the game Jacques a dit. Then with games (odd and even numbers) we practise spelling and pronunciation of numbers to 20. Finally we sing Un kilomètre à pied and play bingo.

12. Favourite Playground Games

Pupils revise numbers 1-20 with the song Un Kilomètre à Pied and Montrez-moi. They learn to say playground games in French and tell us which ' je prefere .....' Finally we write je prefere ....... and draw a matching picture. Christmas exercise.

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