Yr 5 - Summer Term


Mois et saisons

Madame Gorick


Today pupils revise the months of they year, say & write the four seasons with the 'look, say, cover, write & check' method. Next we make statememnts, noting how le/l' becomes en/au  - 'avril est au printemps, août est en été, octobre est en automne, janvier est en hiver'. Race: Order the months. Place them in the correct season.

Weather and seasons
Madame Gorick


After revision of last class, pupils say/write the three months in each season. Next, we sing  Quel temps fait-il and throw a dice in each group to create short and longer sentences about the weather and seasons in the present tense. Finally, we speak in the past tense:  L’hiver dernier, j’ai visité Paris. Il faisait très froid.

Joining in a poem

Madame Gorick


After revision of the weather, pupils ask and answer - quand est ton anniversaire?/ mon anniversaire est en janvier. Next we complete a  projectlisten to and read the chorus of our poem Le retour du printemps. Finally we analyse, recite and recreate the poem.

Seasonal colours

Madame Gorick


Today we quckly review seasons  with mimes to answer the question C’est quelle saison? We identify seasons in Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasonsand associate colours with them. Next we write many colours under each season (think contrasting as well) & then consider antonyms. Finally describe 4 seasons using colours & antonyms.

Conscience Alley

Madame Gorick


After a quick review of antonymns, pupils play word association games. Next groups personify the four seasons and perform to persuade others that their season is the best. Here we introduce  trop (too) and très (very). Finally, we play Conscience Alley to convince others of the merits of our season.

Les planets

Madame Gorick


Today we introduce nine planets, practise pronunciation & recall them in the correct order. Next we listen to Imogen & order  them again. Pupils play touchez l'image and find the planet which rhymes with la lune.  Finally, we review 7 days of the week and pupils match them with a planet. Label the planets in French.

Describing the planets

Madame Gorick


First (to the tune of Nice One Cyril) we recap the names of the 9 planets and play passez le ballon to consolidate the vocabulary. Next we ask and answer questions e.g.

Quelle planète est rouge/verte/grande/petite/bleue/rapide? Finally in groups we build our own sentences to describe planets.

Writing about a planet

Madame Gorick


Today after a quick revision, pupils play Cadeau Musicale & order the planets. Next we build human sentences from our previous lesson with directions à gauche / à droit. Our next game is Diable à ressort (jack-in-the-box) with word classes - un nom, un adjectif et un nom propre. Finally we play Throw a Dice & Write.

Distance from the sun

Madame Gorick


Pupils will ask and answer questions about the planets in relation to the sun. We learn to speak about près and loin, using très and assez paying attention to masculine and feminine agreements for chaud/e and froid/e.

Making compound sentences

Madame Gorick


Today we revise last week's class with stone, paper, scissors then learn how to make compound sentences.

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