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Recently, I've met people from several nations in my hometown including the French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian, Nepalese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Filipino, Japanese and Chinese. To me, every person represents an exciting new world to be discovered. Though English is an international language, sadly our communication hardly ever moves beyond inital pleasantries. Opportunities lost.


The resolution -  improve my linguistic IQ 'intrigue quotient', engage in more varied conversation with the goal of forging deeper relationships. Join our classes if like me you enjoy meeting people, or even plan on travelling, wish to gain entry to university or bolster your CV for career progression. Move beyond the basics.


English as a second language

The seemingly insatiable desire to learn English in China and other countries is a reflection of the language's vital role in international society, whether in business, politics or education. Join our ESL programme which caters for students interested in the standard track, sitting exams, business  or legal English.
Business English
This course explores the nuts and bolts of reading, writing, listening and speaking in the context of the business world. Topics include communication in the workplace, giving presentations, business travel, international business and cross-cultural challenges.


Exam Preparation

Students take this course to gain access to university or for proof of  English language skills. Here they prepare for IELTS (General and Academic) and TOEFL beginner to advanced level exams. This course is designed to help students get the best possible results in their chosen exams.


English Literature
It seems fast-paced modern life is incompatible with reading the classics unless for exams.  Yet, this increasingly lost but necessary  art addresses themes relevant to human experience in every age.  This programme has at it's core Socratic reasoning, which will encourage students to be better readers and importantly critical thinkers.



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